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Talon Tri 105TF2

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Price per Unit (piece): $2 699.99

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Our classic frame, backed by a 25 year warranty. The 54 cm size weighs 2.5 pounds. The Tetra was originally designed in 1987 and has been refined to its current incarnation over the years. As the oldest continuously produced model of carbon fiber bicycle frame in the world, it has evolved to a state of perfection and value unmatched by any other frame. Consider these points: A frame with over 120,000 miles "feels as lively as it did when it was new" according to the owner of that bike. A three time winner of the Tour de France declared "It's the best bike I have ever ridden" The Tetra is molded in one layup, where the tubes are mitered to each other and laminated directly to each other with metal dies. The resulting joint has a long tapered transition from one tube to the next, following the stresses evenly. The Tetra tubes were designed to have the optimum stiffness to weight ratio and also have a thick enough wall to be crash tolerant. The fiber orientation of the tubes gives the best combination of stiffness and comfort for everyday riding. The intermediate modulus fiber is strong and very stiff but not too brittle.

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