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Air 9 Carbon
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Air 9 Carbon

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Niner is dedicated to making their first carbon frame an extraordinary machine that goes way beyond status quo. Introducing the Niner Air 9 Carbon: a purpose-built to be incredibly light and fast, combined with the razor sharp handling and forgiving ride you've come to expect from frames with the Air 9 designation. Structurally, this is a full carbon frame that utilizes alloy interfaces in critical areas (such as in the headtube bearing journals and bottom bracket). The high modulus carbon in specially designed layers and layup patterns create a light, strong frame and the alloy interfaces allow the precise tolerances that critical component interface areas demand. Frame development began with reams of testing data, which helped Niner to determine the primary tube shape. FEA studies, physical mock-ups, years of experience and a rigorous industrial design phase have all contributed to this extraordinary design. Every decision, every shape and every tube has its origin in a design parameter that requires the Niner Air 9 Carbon to hit very specific targets for stiffness and strength in all three planes. Key sections such as the downtube and bottom bracket area have received massive structural shaping to increase torsional rigidity and the swooping lines and angles of the Air 9 Carbon are functionally beautiful before they are aesthetically pleasing. All these features help to disperse energy, avoid stress risers and increase the natural damping characteristics of the material.The Niner Air 9 Carbon features Bio-Centric EBB technology and CYA Bottom Bracket system - the most flexible BB/gearing system available. Run your Niner singlespeed or geared or take advantage of several BB inserts to accommodate your choice of bottom bracket technologies, including the new BB-30 standard.

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