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Giro Guage
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Giro Guage

Price per Unit (piece): $199.99

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Everyone gets into external gauges: speedometers, heart rate monitors, power meters. These are all valid ways to measure a ride. But all point to internal gauges: fatigue, lactic acid build up, perceived exertion. As important as the external is, the internal is what counts. Smart cyclists also gauge their expenditures. Spend less on one item and you have more to spend on another. Giro made their Gauge Shoes for people who spend much of their time measuring value against expenditure. The Gauge looks very similar to the top-shelf Code. And they're very similar. You're still getting the same shape upper, built around the same Giro last, with the same Giro strap placement, but you're getting it all with a nod at saving money each step of the way. Like the code Shoes, there is a breathable microfiber base material onto which there are welded scuff guards. However, there are two notable differences in the upper compared to the Code. Between subtle changes in microfiber and scuff guards, the material will feel a bit softer upon initial wearing. Also, the Velcro straps aren't quite as wide. The sole is an Easton EC70, a composite made of 70% carbon, 30% glass and is made in the same mold that Giro uses for their EC90 sole. It's a little heavier and a little more flexible, but since it comes out of the same mold, the stack height is still 7.25mm. The upper is microfiber, sourced for price. The insole is a molded EVA footbed with medium arch support and an anti-microbial treatment on the fabric top sheet. The lugged outsole is made of two different durometers. The harder durometer gives the tread structure and support and is between the shoe bottom and the tread you walk on. The walking tread is a much softer durometer, tackier if you will, that strikes a balance between grip and durability. The open design of the tread makes it hard for dirt to stay packed between the lugs. In between the front treads and rear treads is a mid-foot scuff-guard. Cyclocrossers will particularly appreciate this feature, but really all cyclists should like having a little material covering the carbon-fiber sole mid-foot to make it easier to stand on the pedals unclipped and protect the sole from impacts with sharp objects. The Giro Gauge comes in Black. The buckle is replaceable and has two positions for further adjustability. The sole is drilled for two-bolt cleats. The toe area of the sole is threaded to accept spikes and the shoes come with plugs in the inserts; all toe spikes have a common thread, so you can install your old spikes or get any accessory spike kit, even soccer spikes. The Gauge is available in whole sizes from 39-48 and half sizes from 39.5 to 46.5.

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