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Imperial Red
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Imperial Red

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IMPERIALE: ANOTHER NAME FOR SPEED The Imperiale represents a milestone in Wilier Triestina's evolving style. Its monocoque carbon frame marks todays revolutionary emphasis on road bike aerodynamics, made possible by the latest generation of carbon composites. These materials enable us to shape our frame tubing to provide more aerodynamic profiles, while continuing to offer unrivaled strength-to-weight ratios. TEAM EFFORT Our experience guided us, while our insatiable desire to innovate provided us with the motivation to go for it. The Imperiale is the result of a long process that began with a concept, became a design, led to research and prototype testing and ended when we came up with a design and finish worthy of a Wilier. Our team of engineers and technical experts worked tirelessly on every conceivable detail to make this frameset a reality. When our exhaustive collection of benchmarks - that we refer to simply as Wilier Frame Testing - were met through both static and dynamic torsional tests, as well as our long sessions in the wind tunnel, our team had achieved its goal. The Imperiale is a road bike that manages airflow like a time trial bike and that rides like a Wilier. AERODYNAMIC FEATURES THAT DRAW FROM THE CRONO The flowing lines and dramatic forms that enable the Imperiale to manage airflow have been designed around our road bike geometry that has made the ride of our bikes legendary and unsurpassed. The combination of the right tubing shapes and directional carbon fiber layup orientations made it possible to reduce frontal area, effectively direct airflow and ensure optimal lateral rigidity. The reinforced construction at strategic points along the Imperiales tubing, fork and rear triangle have made it possible to attain ideal frame stiffness characteristics while reducing weight.As always, we have partnered with the most renowned materials and performance experts to create another of the world's most advanced bikes. Internationally acclaimed aerodynamics expert John Cobb, who designed our cutting-edge Cento Crono time trial bike, was a trusted advisor throughout the development of the Imperiale. With the principles of aerodynamics guiding many aspects of the Imperiales design, our award-winning Cento1 influenced considerations that would contribute to ride quality, including a new aerodynamic, integrated seatmast.The Imperiale boasts the same bottom bracket design concept as the Cento1: reinforced, oversize dimensions and fuller integration of prominent industry standard cranksets. The rear triangle, on the other hand, is comprised of two monocoque elements: the seat stays are joined at the aerodynamic seat tube that directs airflow around and past the rear wheel, maximizing stability and contributing to the bike's distinctive look. Meanwhile, the outer form of the bottom bracket has been influenced by the latest findings in aerodynamics research: the Imperiales chain stays are joined to the underside of the bottom bracket, forming two splitters. Both the fork and rear dropouts have been redesigned for enhanced aerodynamics. The head tube is reinforced for strength and, along with the fork crown, is shaped to reduce drag; their combined profile forms a minimalist frontal area that slices through the air. The unmistakably unique downtube boasts the same innovative air management qualities of our Crono series and is yet another feature that sets us apart. WHAT IT'S MADE OF Like all carbon frame builders, we first 'source' the raw materials that will serve as the foundation for our bikes. As an Italian company, we take this step very seriously; it's in our blood. We know that the best ingredients make for the best finished product... SWING-ARM INTEGRATED DESIGN The construction of the rear triangle is now more fully integrated, taking advantage of the capabilities and characteristics of this kind of high modulus prepreg carbon fiber. Chainstays and seatstays are now continuous; instead of conventional conjoining of stays at a sharp angle, with dropouts serving as the point of contact, the Imperiale stays curved at a more gradual angle to dampen and dissipate road surface impacts and vibrations. INTEGRATED DROPOUT Carbon dropouts now extend from the continuous stays, as if suspended from above, and the seatstays are joined behind the seat tube for additional rear triangle stability. INTEGRATED SEATMAST Our 2010 Imperiale boasts an airfoil integrated seatpost (or seatmast) to be used in conjunction with specially designed Ritchey seatclamps. Benefits of this system include an extremely responsive overall ride, where the rider feels connected to the frame, encouraging that "oneness" with a bike that every cyclist seeks. BB94 OVERSIZE BOTTOM BRACKET One of the salient features of the Wilier Triestina Imperiale is its oversized bottom bracket shell. Our new design does away with the need for externally-mounted bearing cups, integrating seamlessly with the most popular cranksets. Campagnolo and Fulcrum crank assemblies fit right into the bottom bracket shell, while compatibility with other prominent brands is accommodated by small composite spacers and inboard bearings --i.e. bearings install right into the frame. Spacers for Shimano are provided as part of the frameset kit. Adapters for SRAM and FSA (non-ceramic bearing models only) can be purchased separately for a modest price. The Imperiale is available in six sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - and in two color options - Carbon/Red and White/Silver.

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